Operations and Administration

The flow of Administration of this Local Government starts from the Chairman/Caretaker Chairman to the Head of Local Government Administration through the Director of Administration & Generals Services to the Entire Staffs’

Operations and Administration Details

The Operation and Administrative procedures of Ibadan South West  Local Government is as spelt out in the laws guiding  the Operation of every (774) Local Government in Nigeria (i.e in establishment code, laws guiding Oyo state Civil Service and Local Government Scheme of  Service as it may be reviewed).

Nigeria has 774 Local Government Area (L.G.As0. Each Local Government Area is administered by a Local Government Council consisting of a chairman who is the Chief Executive of the LGA, and other elected members who are referred to as councilors.

Each of the areas is further sub divided into wards with a minimum of ten and a maximum of fifteen wards for each area.