Objectives & Functions

For effectiveness, every unit and department is saddled with various objectives which perform a number of functions to ensure smooth running of the Local Government.

Revenue and Regulatory Functions

According  to the Fourth Schedule paragraph 1, sections (b-k) of the constitution, the revenue and regulatory functions of the  local government are: Collection of rates, radio, and television licenses;ii           Establishing and maintenance of cemeteries, burial grounds and homes for the destitute             or firm;iii.        Licensing of bicycles, trucks (other than mechanically propelled trucks), canoes, wheel    barrows and carts;Establishment, maintenance and regulation of slaughter houses, laughter labs, markets. motor parks, and public conveniences,Construction and maintenance of roads, streets, street lighting, drains and other public highways, parks, gardens, open spaces, or such pubic facilities, as may be prescribed from time to time by the House of Assembly of a State;Naming of roads, streets and numbering of houses.vii.       Provisions and maintenance of public conveniences, sewage, and refuse disposal.viii.      Registration of all births, deaths and marriages,Assessment of privately-owned houses or tenements for the purpose of levying such rates, as may be prescribe by the House of Assembly of a state andControl and regulation of :-    Outdoor advertising and hoarding    Movement and keeping of pets of all description    Shops and kiosks          Restaurants, bakeries and other places, for the sale of food to the public.    Laundries. And          Licensing, regulation and control of the sale of liquor.

Development and Empowerment Functions

Paragraph 2, of the Fourth Schedule of the 1999 Constitution established the following functions:

The provision and maintenance of primary, adult, and vocational.EducationThe development of agriculture and natural resources, other than the exploitation                    of minerals;The provision and maintenance of health services; andSuch other functions as may be conferred on a local government council by the          House of Assembly of the State.